Join Robin – How to get involved as a partner

Robin Hood 210 is not only innovative in the revolutionary way in which consumers can shop through the heart, it is also ground-breaking in the way it allows companies to donate to a local non-profit with goods and services, instead of just a monetary donation. Companies can give back with donations of gift cards, gift certificates, or items of value and Robin Hood 210 turns it into viable funds the nonprofit can use support its mission.


Why Get Involved?

Today, consumers reward brands and businesses which are socially responsible, this is demonstrated in numerous studies. Your donation to Robin Hood 210 will not only support a noble cause, but, it also builds community, boosts your brand reputation, and helps solidify ongoing customer relationships by producing a positive public image for your business. This is a fantastic way to attract new customers and grow your business. Robin Hood 210’s goal is to connect your business with a worthy cause in the San Antonio area while helping attract new customers who strive to “shop through the heart.”


What is Needed:

  • Gift Cards
  • Gift Certificates
  • Items of Value

*All donations/gifts are 100% tax deductible


How to Get Involved?

We hope you will join our merry band of donors, philanthropists, and businesses! To join Robin or to learn more visit or contact Elizabeth at 210-582-0487, or Robin Hood 210 is excited to highlight the most charitable businesses in and around San Antonio during our campaigns.